JFK Athletics partners with Lehi City to provide opportunities for children and adults to participate in team and individual sports and tournaments.

Athletes gather for practice and socialization in the following sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming, bowling, and track and field. JFK Athletics promotes partners to participate in competition in team sports. Adaptive sports programming is provided through Lehi City. Just For Kids provides the athletic team structure, volunteers, tournaments and awards.

Participants in JFK Athletics enjoy athletic skill building, fitness practice, team building and socialization.

Adaptive programming provided to individuals with intellectual disabilities in partnership with Lehi City and Just For Kids include: Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming and Bowling.


Adaptive volleyball is attractive to all types of players, young and old.  To play volleyball players need to acquire a few basic skills, learn a few rules, and then they are ready to play the game anywhere from the gym to the beach.


Adaptive swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. Unlike other sports, swimming is a life skill that is taught, first, to ensure safety and, secondly, for sports and competition purposes.


Adaptive bowling is a particularly beneficial sport to people with intellectual disabilities, irrespective of their age or sports abilities, since it ensures physical exercise and at the same time participation and social integration.


Adaptive basketball is one of the top sports for people with disabilities. Players take it up at all ages and at all abilities.