Just For Kids Athletes participate in local and state private tournaments as well as Special Olympic area and state tournaments. JFK promotes community partners in competition, coaching and mentoring.

The HIVEs adult educational activity program for people with disabilities was created to serve those individuals that have exited the federally funded school programs at age 22. Many adults with disabilities are without friends, jobs, academics and activities. Parents and caregivers are without assistance in providing a place of excellence for their adult children with disabilities. The HIVEs provides community based opportunities for this population.

Just for Kids of Utah County is providing programs for children and adults with disabilities. The inception of Just For Kids Summer School was to bridge the academic and social gap for children with disabilities.

Our summer school programs provide a place for friendship, socialization and academic instruction for elementary and secondary students with disabilities. Just For Kids Athletics is providing a link to adaptive sport instruction, team play, tournament play and socialization in athletic settings. We have partnered with Lehi City for adaptive opportunities.

Habilitation Independence Vocation Education Socialization

HIVEs is a unique community based educational activity program for adults with disabilities.

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Oh what do you do in the summer time, especially if you have intellectual disabilities? Attend JFK Summer School!

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JFK Athletics partners with Lehi City to provide opportunities for children and adults to participate in team and individual sports and tournaments.

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